Decluttering the Kitchen

The other day we talked about storage solutions for small kitchens, today I want to talk about decluttering the kitchen. It’s really hard to get organized when you have too much stuff!

Simple Guide to a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Kitchens can be a natural haven for clutter. There’s always so much going on in the kitchen, from meal prep to socializing and eating. It only makes sense that we like to have lots of beautiful and fun things available in the kitchen to prepare delightful dishes for our loved ones.

Fabulous Toy Organization Inspiration!

There are so many cool options out there for toy organization. From bins and baskets to built in shelves, you can store toys almost anywhere. I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas to inspire you as you organize.

How to Declutter Toys

Is your home overrun with toys? Mine is right now! I usually get all the toys organized and paired down to a manageable level but around birthdays and Christmas it gets out of control.

The One Thing Your Guest Room is Missing

Have you ever had guests ask for your WIFI password only to realize you don’t know it? Surly it must be written down somewhere… you check your computer but all you see are those little asterisks on the password line.

Set a Goal

I’m Sarah. Wife, Mom, Pinterest Manager, and Organizer of everything! Whether you are looking for ideas to tame the clutter, keep your kids organized, or streamline your business, I’m here to help!