We all wish our closets were bigger, but for most of us a remodel isn’t in the budget. Here are 7 easy and cheep ways to get more space out of your current closet.

1. Add a tension rod. An inexpensive tension rod in the closet can double the amount of space you have for hanging clothes. This works especially well in kids closets because their clothes are so small. This nursery closet image is from Homedit.


2. Add a shelf or two. Another shelf in your closet gives you more space to store and stack things. This closet is from Good Housekeeping.

Closet shelves, organization

3. Try an over the door rack. This simple idea doesn’t require any DIY skills, just buy the rack and hang it in place. You can get over the door racks for shoes, accessories, or clothes. This manly over the door hanger photo is Bowties and Sweet Dreams.

Over the door rack, closet organization

4. Use cascading hangers. Not only do these save space they can also save you time if you put a complete outfit together on each hanger. Karen from Did You Make That shows how she uses cascading hangers to save space in her closet.

Organize tiny closet, cascading hangers

5. Use cubbies for shoes and other items down low. This 12 Pair shoe organizer is from The Container Store

12 pair shoe organizer

6. Install these clothing racks from IKEA. These are great for hanging pants and other items below your standard dowel hanger. 


7. Store folded items vertically like this. Not only will you save space, you will be able to see each piece without digging through the stack of clothes. Andrea Dekker of AndreaDekker.com shared this beautiful image of her shirts, you can read more about how she organizes her drawers on her site. 

Folded Shirts, Vertical Folding KonMarie

I hope that gives you some ideas to get more space out of your closet!

Happy Organizing,

<3 Sarah