We’ve been doing an Organize The Toys challenge over on our facebook group. After sorting toys and trashing/donating some it’s time for us to get organized.

There are so many cool options out there for toy organization. From bins and baskets to built in shelves, you can store toys almost anywhere. I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas to inspire you as you organize.

Let’s start with this beautiful closet from Melissa of Polished Habitat. Melissa organized this closet with shelves, plastic bins, over the door fabric cubbies, and wire door shelves. All the organizers she used were easy to install. You can see more about how she put this closet together on her site PolishedHabitat.Com.


Another simple idea is to use wooden crates under the bed to store toys. This photo by HGTV is a great example of that. You could paint the crates like this or leave them natural.

Under the Bed Toy Storage wooden crates

Another great way to use wasted space is with this under the couch Lego storage drawer from Smart Girls DIY. Liz created this neat drawer out of IKEA products. She talks all about how she made it on her site. I’d recommend this idea for a playroom couch. You could use it in the living room too, but keep in mind that if you store toys in the living room they will be dumped out and played with in the living room. Try to store toys away from walkways and areas where you don’t want toys on the floor.


The Tomlinson’s over at Keeper of the Cheerios created this fun stuffed animal zoo! You can read more about how they built it on their blog. I like this idea because it makes a great use of vertical space and keeps floor space free.


If you are looking for a storage system to buy this is a nice design by Kid Craft that you can find at Wayfair. I have this in white in my boys room and the thing I love about it is they can’t dump things out like they can with bins and buckets. You have to reach into each cubby and pull out what you want so most of the toys stay in the shelf.


Finally adding labels is a great way to finish off your toy organization. Labels help maintain order. If you have young kids who aren’t reading yet, use picture labels to help them learn where to put things. You can create your own or print these free labels from The Handmade Home.


I hope that gives you some inspiration for your child’s room. Leave a comment I’d love to hear what your favorite toy organizers are! If you would love to see more organizing ideas be sure to follow me on Pinterest!

Happy Organizing,

<3 Sarah