The best way to free up space in your closet is to remove old clothes that you don’t need or like. But once you have pared down your wardrobe to the items you really like it’s time to organize! Organizing your clothes well will free up closet and dresser space, keep your clothes in better condition, and prevent you from searching for items buried in the back of your closet!

Where you put your clothes will depend partially on your space. If you have a lot of dresser space, but little closet space you will end up folding more items. However some clothes do better folded, like wool sweaters, while others do better hung, like linen pants. You can use this guide to see what is best for each type of fabric or clothes.

fold it or hang it

If you don’t have enough dresser space to fold all your sweaters you can try hanging them this way so that they don’t get hanger bumps on the shoulders.

How to Hang a Sweater

To help your clothes fit nicely in your dresser it’s a good idea to fold in thirds. This helps jeans to fit better in most dressers and it keeps t-shirts from creasing in the middle. If you are tight on dresser space you can try storing your folded clothes vertically. This not only gives you more space, it also allows you to see each item without searching through a stack.

How toFold a T-Shirt

Be sure to follow step 2 when folding pants to make sure they fit in your dresser nicely.

How to Fold Pants

Chunky sweaters lay flat and can be stacked easily when folded this way in thirds.

How to Fold a Chunky Sweater

I think that covers everything, if you are folding your underwear you are working too hard! I just toss my socks, underwear, and pajamas in my drawer. They really don’t need to be folded since it doesn’t matter if they wrinkle.

Happy Organizing!

<3 Sarah