Is your home overrun with toys? Mine is right now! I usually get all the toys organized and paired down to a manageable level but around birthdays and Christmas it gets out of control.

I thought we could do a challenge together to organize the toys. If you’d like to take part in the challenge you can join our free Facebook Group. There are so many awesome encouraging friends there who will help you stay motivated. We usually do a new challenge every month or two :)

Alright back to the toys, if you are tired of stepping on Legos or telling your kids to clean up only to have them say, “It’s too much” this is for you!

I’d start with a big toy sort and purge. You can use this chart to help you decide what to keep and what to let go of.


Definitely toss toys and puzzles that are broken or missing pieces. You may also want to toss other cheep toys, like Happy Meal toys that have been played with for a while and aren’t worth passing on to someone else.

Oh and that really annoying toy that plays that song you can’t stand—please for the love of all other parents throw it away!

If you are saving toys for younger siblings keep in mind that they will also be given toys of their own.

I am hanging on to a few classic baby toys, like a shape sorter and stacking ring set, for my future baby, but I’m not keeping lots of baby toys because I know people will want to buy a few new things when the time comes.

I also try to remind myself that my younger kids will be interested what their older brothers are playing with and less keen on baby toys.

I think the same goes for keeping toys for grandkids. Keep things that are really special and won’t break or wear out over time. Think toys without batteries! Classic wooden blocks, Duplos, Tonka Trucks, and American Girl Dolls are things I would keep for future grand-kids.

And remember when you are a grandma you will also want to buy your grand-babies new toys so don’t save too much.

If you don’t have enough space to store all your child’s toys I’d reccomend donating some. I know some people like to sell used toys, but I think dropping them off at a thrift store is so much easier that you are more likely to follow through and do it.

If you have to go to the trouble of posting toys online to sell them, or worse yet setting up a whole garage sale, then you may not ever get to it. If you have really valuable toys or if you could really use the resale money, then go ahead and sell them. Just be sure to follow through!

Happy Decluttering,

<3 Sarah