Is your fridge in need of some cleaning? Maybe there is a Tupperware of old leftovers hiding in the far reaches, or sticky teriyaki sauce dripping and puddling on the shelf. Perhaps your fridge is developing a stinky odder. Whatever the case may be, the fridge is one area that requires frequent cleaning and organizing.

If you can, try to clean out your fridge right before you go grocery shopping so there is less food to move around. Cleaning your fridge involve 3 steps: Tossing, Wiping, and Organizing.

Toss Old and Expired Food

First things first, get rid of all your old yucky food! Leftovers that are more than a week old, condiments that are past their expiration, and fruits and veggies that are moldy need to go!

Wipe Shelves and Drawers Clean

I like to use a washcloth with soapy water or a vinegar and water spray to clean the inside of my fridge. If you opt for a stronger cleaner just make sure you rinse and dry before putting your food back.

To keep your food from being out of the fridge for a long time work on one shelf at a time. You can replace items on each shelf as you go.


This is the fun part! Put everything back in a logical and attractive way. Be sure to pay attention to what foods need to be in the coldest ares to stay good. You can use this graphic as a guide for what to store where.

Fridge final

If you want to really brighten up your fridge and keep things organized try using clear bins. Jessica from Four Generations One Roof shows how she organized her fridge with clear bins that she found at Home Goods and The Container store. I love how she created snack bins that are easy for her kids to access.

Organize Your Fridge with Bins

Another way to keep things organized is with labels. Labels insure that everyone in the family should be able to put things away correctly. I love theses printable labels from Jenn of Clean and Scentsible!

fridge-labels- organized fridge

Using matching clear Tupperware will also help keep your fridge looking clean! Alright I better go clean my fridge now!

Happy Organizing!

<3 Sarah