The Organized Preschool

I’m excited to show you how I set up our preschool shelf and some of the things we are working on! You can use these ideas whether you homeschool or just want to have an art station for your kids to use after school.

How to Purge Your Craft Closet

We crafters tend to have the idea that everything can be used again for crafts! And while reusing and recycling is a beautiful thing, turning out homes into recycling centers while we wait to do all of our thrifty projects isn’t.

How to Organize a Diaper Bag for 2 Kids

When you are in the check out line at Target and your toddler is reaching for the candy bars, while your baby is screaming, the last thing you want to do is dump out your whole diaper bag in search of that missing pacifier.

Set a Goal

I’m Sarah. Wife, Mom, Pinterest Manager, and Organizer of everything! Whether you are looking for ideas to tame the clutter, keep your kids organized, or streamline your business, I’m here to help!