Have you heard?

Do you know?

There is ONE FUNDAMENTAL THING that will change how you see Pinterest. It will revolutionize how you use and leverage Pinterest for your blog or business. Knowing this one thing can change everything.

The secret is:

Pinterest is not Social Media.

I know it gets lumped in with social media all the time, but think about it. When was the last time you went on Pinterest to chat with a friend? Never? Me too.

Maybe you’ve heard Pinterest is a big deal and you want to get on there just like you are on Facebook, and Instagram. You are trying to get followers and hoping to get more exposure there. But it’s not social media. You can’t use it like social media.

On Pinterest we don’t play the “I’ll follow you, you follow me” game that makes the Twitter world go round. In fact the number of your followers doesn’t matter on Pinterest. You can have a huge audience and a tiny number of followers.

With just under 2,000 followers on Pinterest I’m able to get a million monthly viewers!

Pinterest Monthly Viewers

So how does it work? Am I spending hours and hours on Pinterest? Am I pinning like crazy? Am I paying for ads? Am I following people left and right? Nope, nope, nope, nope.

I haven’t worked on my own Pinterest account in months. I occasionally go on to pin something for my personal use, but I haven’t put in work hours on my Pinterest account in months and my pins are still bringing me visitors. Because Pinterest isn’t social media it doesn’t require the time and attention that other social networks do. So if it isn’t social media, what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Visual Search Engine.

That means the strategies we use on Pinterest are totally different from the strategies we use on Social Media.

Keywords are hugely important for search engines! By using keywords in your pins you are letting the search engine know to bring up your pins when people search for something in your niche.

Using keywords on Pinterest can help people to find your pins for months and years to come!

What is a keyword? It’s just a word or phrase that someone might search for when looking for you. Let’s say you are a dog trainer, some keywords that might work for you are:

  • puppy training
  • dog behavior
  • dog walking
  • dog socialization
  • puppy obedience school

It’s a good idea to be specific with your keywords. If you were to just use the word dog for example you would be competing with everyone who uses the keyword dog: breeders, vets, dog food companies, ect. By narrowing in your keywords you are more likely to show up when someone searches for dog training.

Knowing the secret, can totally change your game! If you’d like to learn more about where to put your keywords and how to run your Pinterest account on autopilot check out my course Pinterest Kickstart.

Happy Pinning!

~ Sarah