Have you ever had guests ask for your WIFI password only to realize you don’t know it? Surly it must be written down somewhere… you check your computer but all you see are those little asterisks on the password line. Maybe you wrote it down on a Post It somewhere so you search your desk.

I can’t tell you how many times that has happened to me!

So I finally decided to make a little sign for the guest room with the Wireless password :) I thought you might like to put one up too, you can download the printable here and add in your network name and password. I had an extra cheep 8x10in frame so I slipped my sign in there and put it on the side table next to the guest bed. WI-FI Guest Password Sign

I think this is the one element that is missing in most guest rooms. We all think of clean sheets and folded towels, maybe we even leave some snacks out for our guests, but we can’t remember the wireless password!

Add this little touch to your guest room or your makeshift guest space (I know we don’t all have dedicated guest rooms). Even if you don’t have fancy bedding or the world’s softest towels your guests will feel more at home when they can connect their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to the internet.

And if you don’t have a Pinterest Perfect guest room don’t worry. I think the places where I feel the most welcome and at home aren’t the fancy places with coordinating bedding, but the places where the people I love are. The friends and family who welcome me into their somewhat messy, real life homes are the ones I want to visit the most.